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Basic vocabulary for emergency situations in Portuguese-speaking countries

When it comes to traveling, especially to countries where the spoken language is Portuguese, being prepared to handle emergency situations is crucial. In this article, we’ll cover basic Portuguese vocabulary that can be critical in times of crisis, providing you with the essential words and phrases to deal with various scenarios, from health issues to safety situations.

  1. Ajuda: Help
  2. Emergência: Emergency
  3. Chamada de emergência: Emergency call
  4. Hospital: Hospital
  5. Médico: Doctor
  6. Polícia: Police
  7. Bombeiros: Firefighters
  8. Dor: Pain
  9. Ferimento: Injury
  10. Socorro: Help me
  11. Estou perdido: I’m lost
  12. Perigo: Danger
  13. Evacuação: Evacuation
  14. Acidente: Accident
  15. Necessito de assistência médica: I need medical assistance
  16. Por favor, chame um médico: Please call a doctor
  17. Por favor, ajude-me: Please help me
  18. Onde fica o hospital mais próximo?: Where is the nearest hospital?
  19. Estou doente: I am sick
  20. Preciso de ajuda imediatamente: I need help immediately

Remember to practice these words and phrases before your trip and keep them handy in case of an emergency. Being linguistically prepared can make all the difference in critical situations. Travel safely!

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