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Dental Appointments

A dental appointment at a dental office includes scheduling and payment for a basic appointment. Through our network of partner dental clinics spread throughout the country, we can offer you the appointment you need at a location near you. This service is recommended for people who need emergency dental care, require work to be done, or are simply looking to have their annual check-up. These types of consultations are intended for people with non-emergency dental needs. If you require help with an emergency situation, please go to your nearest emergency room or call 112 (emergency hotline number).

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Frequently Asked Questions

The price paid covers the cost of the appointment plus our coordination fee for scheduling and payment of the appointment.

Through our network of partnerships and team responsible for partnerships, we can normally schedule appointments for a dental clinic near you.

Being able to describe your symptoms and medical history is crucial to achieving the best possible care. Because of this, all of our doctors speak English, in addition to the languages of the place where you are located. However, if a need arises, we can arrange for a medical translator to be available.

Because the scheduling is based on the available spots in the hospital/clinic, we will need to verify what times are available. If your needed specialty is not available but you would like to have medical care, we can arrange for a doctor house call visit or a telemedicine appointment.


You fill out the form with your information, symptoms, location, and day of service

Step 1


Our team will receive your request and contact you through the provided methods (email, phone number, WhatsApp) to arrange the appointment for you.

Step 2


After we confirm the details and the doctor's availability for the requested day, you will receive an email requesting payment.

Step 3


Once payment has been submitted, we will confirm your appointment.

Step 4


Then, the doctor will visit you around the confirmed time by the Viscura Agent.

Step 5


It’s important to note that the doctors who perform these visits are typically doing rounds of visits and can only give approximate appointment times. Please be aware that your appointment may be a little later than planned.

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