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Discover the Most Exotic Destinations to Travel Safely in Summer

Thinking outside the box can be a great option for your summer vacation in 2024. Exotic destinations are becoming increasingly attractive and preferred by adventurous tourists or those seeking peace and tranquility. With that in mind, we have carefully selected a list of exotic places to visit without losing sight of safety and well-being.

1. Azores, Portugal

The Azores are a volcanic archipelago in the middle of the Atlantic, known for their lush landscapes and outdoor activities. With incredible trails, natural pools, and whale watching opportunities, the Azores offer a unique experience, along with modern healthcare infrastructure, ensuring safety during your trip.

2. Fernando de Noronha, Brazil

This Brazilian archipelago is a true tropical paradise. With crystal-clear waters, rich marine life, and stunning landscapes, Fernando de Noronha is perfect for those seeking tranquility and natural beauty. The island strictly controls the number of visitors, ensuring a safe and sustainable experience.

3. Cape Verde

Cape Verde, off the west coast of Africa, consists of ten volcanic islands that offer a mix of African and Portuguese culture. With paradisiacal beaches, mountains for hiking, and vibrant local culture, Cape Verde is ideal for those wanting to explore lesser-known destinations. Cape Verde’s healthcare system is well-structured and can be explored with confidence.

All the mentioned destinations combine natural beauty with adequate infrastructure for a peaceful and unforgettable trip. Pack your bags and embark on a safe adventure!

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