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Viscura offers solutions to health care companies and Insurances. 

at Viscura we work with the case management method that is an integrated management system consisting in identifying, planing, coordinating the care tailored to the needs of individuals and families, utilizing tools of communication that leverage available ressources to add quality and obtain more economic benefits in the health care (ACMA,2002). 

Case Management in the news

Portuguese government proposes implementation of systems to improve flow of medical information and articulation among levels of care and a creation of a responsibility center (Orçamento de Estado 2017).

Portuguese Health Ministry advocates a model of Case Management as a solution to many problems of the Health National System (O Público, Alexandra Campos 19 de Agosto 2016).OCDE Recommendation -Portugal’s health care workforce could be more efficient and deliver better care if Case Management is implemented. The key for shifting care is reducing the length of hospital stay by co-ordinating the early discharge of patients defining the case manager role within its health system, training the case managers with the appropriate knowledge and skills. It would make sense, to start exploring the potential of case managers in Portugal (OECD, 2015).