Globally Facilitating Efficient and Personable Health Care Experience.

Case Management Services

Viscura offers practical and efficient solutions for Health care institutions, Health Insurances, patients and companies. Serving as  intermediaries between health services, patients, and health care services payers, be it health insurances, national health services or self payer patients.

We facilitate health care service authorizations for services, hospital or clinics. This applies to in-patient stay and procedure authorizations. We implement algorithms and processes accepted by health insurances. We aim for the best medical care, at the most efficient cost.

We offer consulting to health care, and health care-related businesses that are interested in operating in the Iberian Peninsula, Portugal, and Spain.

We offer consulting to individuals who are self insured.

We help resolve payments and reimbursement issues with health care entities and health insurance customers.

Accidents happen and when they do, a medical case arises. Patients need care, doctors need to know which procedures are covered by insurance, and insurance companies need to know which procedure is ideal. This is where Viscura comes in. Viscura provides a knowledgeable field nurse or case manager who can be trusted to have everyone’s best interest at heart. This Viscura employee will make sure that the patient is taken care of and that they can return to normal life as quickly as possible. They will file reports regularly on the status of recovery and will communicate with all parties to make sure there are no obstacles in the recovery process. Viscura is committed to saving time and money for its clients and can guarantee your satisfaction. 


We are committed to give the best possible experience to patients, medical personnel, third party payers and employees. 
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We aim to excel in customer satisfaction, integrity, quality, and innovation to bring positive results.