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Doctor House Call

This doctor house call service includes a visit from a general practitioner doctor to your place of residence (hotel, local accommodation, house, etc.). The doctor will listen to your symptoms, ask relevant questions, and perform any necessary exams or observations to make a diagnosis and provide the necessary prescription (if needed).

This service is recommended for people who feel more comfortable with an in-person consultation. These consultations are intended for non-emergency medical needs. If you require help with an emergency situation, please go to your nearest emergency room or call 112 (emergency hotline number).

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Frequently Asked Questions

It is very important to us that the doctors who provide our house call services are licensed in the country where you are located. This is crucial to ensure that they can give you the medical care you need. You can rest assured knowing that we verify that our doctors are qualified.

As mentioned before, our doctors are highly qualified, and we also look for a level of professionalism in our doctors.

Being able to describe your symptoms and medical history is crucial to achieve the best possible diagnosis. Therefore, all of our doctors speak English in addition to the languages spoken in the area where you are located.

We try to have doctors available all over the country where you are located to ensure we can reach you. If you are in an area where we don’t have doctors located, we can redirect you to our telemedicine services, a clinic, or hospital for an appointment near you. If you have any other questions, please give us a call. We will be happy to help.


You fill out the form with your information, symptoms, location, and day of service

Step 1


Our team will receive your request and contact you through the provided methods (email, phone number, WhatsApp) to arrange the appointment for you.

Step 2


After we confirm the details and the doctor's availability for the requested day, you will receive an email requesting payment.

Step 3


Once payment has been submitted, we will confirm your appointment.

Step 4


Then, the doctor will visit you around the confirmed time by the Viscura Agent.

Step 5


It’s important to note that the doctors who perform these visits are typically doing rounds of visits and can only give approximate appointment times. Please be aware that your appointment may be a little later than planned.

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