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Medical Services

Being in a different country with a medical need can be stressful. With our knowledge of your travel area and medical services we will work hard to get you back to enjoying your trip. Our staff will connect you with the services you need wherever you are.


Telemedicine is a remote medical services through technology. It enables patients to consult with healthcare professionals anytime, anywhere, reducing barriers to access and improving convenience and efficiency in healthcare delivery.

House Call

It includes a visit by a general practitioner wherever you are. The doctor will listen to your symptoms, ask relevant questions, and perform any tests or observations necessary to make a diagnosis and provide the necessary prescription.

Dental Appointments

A dental appointment at a dental office includes scheduling and payment for a basic appointment. Through our network of partner dental clinics spread throughout the country, we can offer you the appointment you need at a location near you.

Appointments at Hospitals or Clinics

Simplifies the booking and payment process for specialty or general practice appointments. With our extensive network of partner hospitals and clinics across the country, we ensure that you can easily secure your appointment.

Discover all our services

Our service countries can offer affordable care on additional procedures ranging from plastic surgery and specialized cancer treatment. See the world and get quality care at the same time.

This service allows you to make a more informed decision on a medical procedure or condition by getting another opinion from medical professionals.

Whether you have traveled to our service countries for pleasure or work and sustained an injury, we can help you navigate through the process and getting you back home safe.

Viscura has a team of doctors, nurses and EMTs trained and equipped to cover your next event. We can assist with any size event or group activity.

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