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Storytelling Rob

While studying Biology at the University, an opportunity arose to carry out a fieldwork in Mozambique, Africa, for a few weeks. There were days of a lot work, learning and a great addition to my career. However, during my second week of studies I started to feel bad, I didn’t know if it was something I ate or the change of environment, but I was constantly feeling weak, with malaise. My condition seemed to get worse as the days went by. That’s when I contacted my health insurance to seek immediate care at region, which I still didn’t know very well. Less than 1 hour later, an agent from Viscura Internacional contacted with me, speaking in my language, to understand what my symptoms were and the best option for fast and efficient service. We decided on a Telemedicine appointment so I could meet with a doctor through video call, present my symptoms and understand the seriousness of the situation. The service was spectacular, the Doctor was very attentive and prescribed some medicines so that I feel better, as well as recommending other doctors to look for if symptoms remain. After the service, the Viscura team got in touch again to follow up how my consultation had taken place, offer their services in case I needed future appointments and make sure they took care of all the financial details of the services rendered to me. Medications eased the symptoms and over time I felt better again. Thanks to the quick service provided by the Viscura Internacional team, to the doctor they forwarded them and everything was resolved quickly and efficiently, without losing my exchange experience

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