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Trends for the future of healthcare

Even with the Covid-19 pandemic easing over the years, the world of health has completely changed. The development of new technologies and the adoption of completely remote activities are some of the transformations that have also affected this area.

Online medical consultations, online fitness classes, the use of artificial intelligence and many other methods are proving to be increasingly present in everyday life and, of course, in the future of the general population.

Besides that, we have access to devices in our daily lives, like smartwatches, which monitor our health and there are studies that prove that they can even help save lives.

It is common to feel apprehensive about so many changes, but all this evolution is already a reality and the tendency is to increase and develop more and more, so the best thing we can do is keep ourselves informed and continuously updated.

We at Viscura Internacional are already part of this trajectory, with online consultation technologies that allow the doctor and patient to communicate even miles apart, send medical prescriptions, exams and forward to more accurate diagnoses.

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