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When can a telemedicine consultation help me?

Telemedicine is a convenient and more affordable option for many types of medical appointments. Because it is a quick and practical solution, it is being increasingly adopted for several purposes, including:

Medical evaluation: If you are sick or in need of a checkup, a telemedicine consultation can provide a complete medical evaluation to help determine the diagnosis and appropriate treatment.

Monitoring for chronic conditions: If you have a chronic condition such as diabetes, high blood pressure or lung disease, a telemedicine consultation can help monitor your condition and adjust your treatment accordingly.

Nutritional advice: If you are looking for advice on nutrition and healthy eating, a telemedicine consultation with a registered dietitian may be helpful.

Mental health: If you are struggling with mental health issues such as anxiety or depression, a telemedicine consultation with a psychiatrist or psychologist can help provide support and guidance.

Second Opinion: If you’ve been diagnosed with a medical condition and would like to get a second opinion, a telemedicine consultation can allow you to see a specialist doctor without having to travel.

In general, it is important to remember that some conditions may require personal assessment, and your doctor or health care professional may recommend a face-to-face consultation if necessary. Viscura International can help you in both cases.

We have specialist doctors and general practitioners available every day for online consultations in several languages such as English, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian and even Arabic. In addition, if necessary, we can coordinate and refer you to a medical center that is closer to the nearest clinical analysis center.

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